Artists of all abilities are welcome to register in this event

ONLINE REGISTRATION: Interested artists will need to complete ONLINE registration & payment by OCTOBER 30. This is when the official online registrations will close.
LATE REGISTRATIONS: Late registrations will be accepted on PAINT PRESTO DAY, with payments made by cash or cheque only. 
ALTERNATIVE REGISTRATION METHOD: If you are unable for some reason to register and pay online, please email:

Artists please note, there are no categories of artist for this event. 

The registration fee of $55 per artist includes the following: 

  • An Artist Welcome Kit - with Art material Sample Packs (mixed media) courtesy of Winsor & Newton, Liquitex and Conte de Paris; Venue Map; Information Pack

  • An invitation to the OPENING EVENING of PAINT PRESTO on Friday 2 – with Demonstration workshops of art material products and drinks

  • JAZZ FESTIVAL DAY-PASS - The PAINT PRESTO DAY-PASS to the Jazz Festival venues for the Paint Presto Day Saturday 3

  • The entry fee for the Paint Presto Exhibition

  • The opportunity to win a prize and sell your work with NO COMMISSION charged during the Exhibition Day Sunday 4


Artwork creation

Registration will allow artists to use ONE blank canvas or piece of paper to paint on for the PAINT PRESTO DAY. This will be given an Authentication stamp on the morning of the event.

However if artists feel they would like to have the opportunity to explore more than one artwork during the day (7hrs), additional supports of canvas or paper can be stamped for a fee of $5 per support prior to the commencement of painting.

Artists MUST decide this at the beginning of the day as Authentication stamps will not be given after 10am.

Artists will be required to enter ONE of their stamped Authenticated artworks in the PAINT PRESTO Exhibition regardless of how many they paint during the day. If numbers allow, artists may have the opportunity to enter a SECOND completed artwork in the exhibition.


Materials/Supports & Sizes

Artists will need to supply all art materials for the production of their artwork/s. Artists will be given some sample art products in their Welcome Kit and there may be the opportunity to trial specific art products from Winsor & Newton, Liquitex and more on the PAINT PRESTO DAY. Artists may use an easel, seat and other painting items but must do so at their own risk.

Supports for your work may be a type of paper or canvas. The sizes used must fall approximately into one of the 3 standard sizes – A3, A2 or A1, categorised as small, medium or large.


Framing vs Unframed

It will be the artist’s responsibility at the end of the painting day to make sure that their finished work is able to be hung by curatorial staff. Artists using paper will need to decide whether or not to frame their work.
Both standard frames and window mounts will be available for purchase if required and these need to be ordered from our supplier prior to the day. Alternatively artists may choose to prepare a frame in advance.
If paper is not to be framed, be advised that works on paper will be attached to the gallery wall with Velcro or clear tacs, so this may affect your choice. All canvases will also need to be ready for hanging. This can be done by the artist prior to the event or at the end of the painting day as string and hangers will be available for your use.

If you would like to pre-order framing or mounts please contact:
Marc Bongers - North East Picture Framing (+61 412 721 862)


Art Sales

All artwork entered in the PAINT PRESTO Exhibition MUST be for Sale.

Paint Presto is a not for profit event and as such there will be NO commission charged to artists on the sale of their artwork.

How to enter

  • Please read the Terms & Conditions further down this page.

  • Complete your entry registration online by clicking the Register button at the bottom of this page to complete your registration selection and payment.

  • Carefully select your booking ticket – paying attention to Paint Presto registration, Opening evening attendance and the Workshop with Vanessa Ashcroft and/or the floor talk with Vanessa Ashcroft.

  • Once your registration and payment is processed, acknowledgement of your entry will be sent to participants.

Your PAINT PRESTO JAZZ SATURDAY DAY PASS will be given to you on the PAINT PRESTO DAY (Saturday 3rd Nov) and allows you access into any of the Festival venues on Saturday only.

Terms & Conditions

  • Registration includes a non-refundable entry fee of $55.

  • All registered artists will create their drawing or painting on paper or canvas in approximately A3, A2 or A1 size – small, medium or large. The support will be given an Authentication Stamp prior to the start of PAINT PRESTO DAY at 11am.

  • All paintings & drawings MUST be produced on the PAINT PRESTO DAY during the hours of 10am-5pm inclusively, with ONE original work of the registered artist submitted for Judging and the PAINT PRESTO EXHIBITION.

  • Artworks MUST be created in the Wangaratta City precinct. This is the CBD area around the event of the Wangaratta Festival of Jazz & Blues and within walking distance from the Wangaratta Art Gallery.

  • Artists enter at their own risk. PAINT PRESTO does not accept any responsibility for any loss, damage, theft of materials or equipment whilst painting.

  • All artists are responsible for the preparation of their work, ready for hanging in the Gallery by curatorial staff.

  • The artist agrees to allow the publication of images for promotion.

  • The organisers reserve the right to not display a work if it does not meet the standard for the Exhibition.

  • All registered artist’s work will be judged for the Prizes & Awards and the Judge’s decision will be final.

  • It is the artist’s responsibility to collect their work at the end of the exhibition if unsold on the Sunday between 5pm - 6pm. The artist may authorise another person to collect it by notifying the organisers. Any works not collected will be donated to charity.

  • All proceeds of sales will be forwarded to artists within 28 days after the Exhibition on Sunday 4th November.